Things I Spent All Of My $664 Paycheck On In One Week

$500 – Rent & Utilities – Neglected to reserve any money from the last paycheck to account for part of this monthly expense because I spent it all in what of course ends up being a constant cycle of horrible financial decisions (and fun!)

$43 – Gas – A reasonable expense, and I walk mostly everywhere, so. . not too bad.

$8 – Netflix – I don’t have internet, but my boyfriend does, and so sometimes I watch stuff when I’m not watching his cable & downloaded programming/playing his video games/ sleeping. I should probably cancel this? But I already paid for this month, so. . .

Various amounts that total around $50 – Booze – It’s getting down to the wire, so at this point, I should’ve maybe stopped buying booze and played some of the aforementioned video games while stoned, but Peer Pressure, or something.

$30 – Groceries – Again, reasonable. I cooked several meals for myself, Boyfriend, and his roommate, so this is totally great! Except. . .math. . .getting down to the wire. And then it gets bad:

$60 – Debt – OHP! Student Loan kicked in. Forgot about that little nugget. Now overdrawn:

$29 – Overdraft Fee – Balls. Although, still haven’t checked my bank account and am blissfully unaware, so on Football Sunday I offer the next trinket to the guys as a sign of my eternal loveliness:

$40 – Philly Cheese Steaks – To feed the hoardes! Uh-oh. That leaves me with another:

$29 – Overdraft Fee – D’oh.

One more week until I get my next paycheck which will become less than I anticipated because of my current overdrawn balance of $125 not to mention the daily fees for an overdrawn account, and LET THE CYCLE CONTINUE!


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