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I’ve been pretty lazy lately. Fall really brings that out in me. Football season is in full swing and my dude is back from his seasonal job in the National Park nearby, so most of my free time is spent with him watching football and/or researching fantasy football info (I have two teams. . .I know, I know) on the couch. For a little while, it was really awesome.

All of this non-activity is hugely taking a toll on me, though. I’m tired a lot, I can’t always focus at work, and my body and mind are both starting to feel just sluggish. As much as I love snuggling up on the couch with a book or some Seinfeld episodes, it’s a lot more satisfying after I’ve accomplished something during the day. So this realization has kind of forced me to take stock of what I really would rather be doing with my time.

A lot, it turns out. I have this journal that I carry around with me that just consists of lists. It’s separated into different categories (I got the idea here from Tracy Shutterbean!) so that I can keep them all together and still find what I need.

I’m a compulsive lister to start, as well as a blank journal collector,  so I love having a place to put all of them so I don’t feel so completely scattered. Most of my lists are pretty odd, anyway. It’s usually just things like “Names for Stuff” or “Clothing Items I NEED (want)”. (Sorry for the terrible photos, I’m working with only my phone right now. Also, see below! Photoshop!)

This weekend, after I admitted to him that I feel totally without motivation while still having a desire to accomplish so many things (hellooo, cognitive dissonance), my dude asked if I had written any of those things down in my handy book. I hadn’t. So I started writing them all down. And then as I was writing, I thought of more things, and I wrote those down, too. This is about when I realized what my problem was: I have way too many things I want to do.

I mean, not too many in the grand scheme of things, but too many things without any sort of direction to start with. And I could totally keep adding to that list! I need to focus, to pick one or two things to start practicing, and then devote a certain amount of each time per day to those activities. Even if it’s only a half an hour, it’ll make a huge difference.

That’s another little problem, as I’m a fantastic procrastinator — I mean seriously, I’m just aces at it. But I’m hoping that if I just put some project blinders on, I can power through and force myself to do something I really want to do (Isn’t that horrible!? I have to force myself to do the things I really, really want to do.)

Anyway, the things I’ve decided to start bettering myself at are Speed Reading and Photoshop. I’m kind of cheating, because within learning Photoshop are the sub-categories of Learn Graphic Design and Get Better at Photography, but I’ll try to take baby steps and learn in the right order instead of jumping all over the place and overwhelming myself even more.

Do you have any skills you’d like to learn or improve? Of course you do, everyone’s got something. Lists are great for that, so start writing things down!


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