Scary Stories

October is going by way too quickly! There are still so many October activities I need to do! I still haven’t baked a pie, watched any scary movies, knitted socks (Socktober!) or anything, even. I also love reading scary, creepy books and stories in October, and am woefully behind so I’m going to start Devil In The White City or The Hangman’s Daughter:

I’m currently reading this collection of short stories by Kelly Link called Stranger Things Happen and it’s great. They aren’t necessarily scary stories, but so far they’ve been consistently eerie, which is fantastic. I have the Kindle app on my phone, so I’m always picking it up to read little snippets here and there.

I need October to be two months long, or I need to set aside my idea that these things must be accomplished within a certain timeframe and allow myself to enjoy them all autumn and winter. That second part sounds way better.

Also, tiny bonus from The Hairpin today: Wikipedia Entries to Read in the Dark — so great!


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